Author Guidelines

Requirements for manuscript submission:
1. The submitted manuscript is considered for publication if it represents topical and significant
scientific problems, written in English and has not previously been published. The recommended volume of
the manuscript is between 8 and 20 pages (problem-theoretical, review and discussion manuscripts - up to
20 pages; research manuscripts - up to 16; short messages - up to 6).
2. The manuscript is prepared in A4 format (Microsoft Word). Font - Palatino Linotype, size - 11, line
spacing - 1.0, paragraph indentation - 1.25 cm. Fields: top, bottom, right, left 20 mm.
Upper left corner - UDC and DOI. In the same line - article code according to JEL CLASSIFICATION
Below - at one interval - the title of the manuscript (in bold letters in the center, size - 13).
Below - at one interval - the last name, first name of the author (authors), size - 12.
Below - at one interval - the manuscript as follows (see docx template (Appendix 1)):
- abstract in English;
- keywords in English;
- the main body of the manuscript: 

  • Research paper (1. Introduction. 2. Method. 3. Results and Discussion. 4. Conclusion);
  • Theoretical paper(1. Introduction.  2. Theoretical background.  3. Research objective, methodology and data. 4. Results and discussion.  5. Conclusions);
  • Review paper (1. Introduction.  2. Literature review, generalization of main statements. 3. Discussion. 4. Conclusions);

- literature;
- abstract in Ukrainian;
- keywords in Ukrainian
At the end of the text - at one interval - References (
without specifying a list). References to the literary
source are given in square brackets following the order of use [3, p. 37] and are issued under the
requirements of the APA International Bibliographic Standard.
Below - in 1 interval - the last name, first name, and patronymic of the author (authors), academic
degree, academic title, position, affiliation, city, country (in English).
Below - in 1 interval - the last name, first name, and patronymic of the author (authors), academic
degree, academic title, position, affiliation, city (in Ukrainian).
Below - in 1 interval:
- title of the manuscript (in Ukrainian);
- abstract (in Ukrainian);
- keywords (in Ukrainian).
3. The article shall be accompanied by an abstract of at least 1800 characters in English and
. The abstract should be concise and meaningful, giving a clear and objective idea of the main
essence of the article. The abstract cannot contain results that are not presented and are not substantiated in
the body of the article. The abstract should not contain abbreviations and quotations. The abstract should
state the purpose of the article, briefly describe the author's contribution to the solution of the investigated
scientific problem, determine the scientific novelty and practical significance of the obtained results, and
summarize the main conclusions of the conducted research.
4. The name and number of the figure are indicated below the figure (bold letters in the center). The
name of the table is above the table (in bold letters in the center), the number in the right corner. Mark the
source after the figure and table.
Illustrative material (graphs, charts, figures and tables) should be made available in programs for

further editing: tables - in the Microsoft Word; charts - in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Graph editor; figures -
in the form of organizational charts using the drawing panel Microsoft Word editor; formulas - in the
formula editor of Microsoft Equation; photos should be saved in * .tiff or * .jpg format with a resolution of at
least 300 dpi.
The format of the tables and figures should only be in book form.
5. To automate the process of transliteration of Ukrainian text, it is recommended to use widespread
online services (for example,
To ensure compatibility with the international DOI system, it is advisable to check the References for
DOIs. To do this, pre-copy the References text (without numbering!), go to, paste the copied text into the "Match references to DOIs using Crossref
Metadata Search fuzzy matching" and complete "Match to DOIs". If DOI IDs are found for some items, they
must be checked and, if correct, added as an Internet link in the form of "DOI:". DOIs can also be added if
you know them.
6. The Journal of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University guarantees that the editor,
editorial board members, reviewers adhere strictly to the principles of scientific and publishing codes of
ethics. The review process is a double-blind review. Before the manuscripts are submitted for review, all
information that would allow authorship to be identified is deleted.
The Editorial Board of the Journal reserves the right to make editorial and stylistic changes without
prior agreement with the author.
In the case of a negative review, the article may be returned to the author for revision or rejected. The
names of the reviewers in the context of specific articles submitted to the editorial board are not subject to
If the manuscript does not correspond to the topic of the journal and is not designed according to the
requirements of the journal, the authors shall be informed of the reasons for refusal to accept the manuscript.
If the submitted manuscript is original, without suspicion of plagiarism, it is sent to the responsible editor.
The editor-in-chief checks the quality of the manuscript according to the following basic criteria:
- the relevance of the topic and scientific contribution of the author;
- the necessary stylistic and linguistic level;
- citations and references, correct design.
The editor has the right to reject articles that do not correspond to the subject of the journal and do not
meet the above criteria.
Based on a positive review from the editor, the article goes into the peer-review process. During the
peer review process, at least two independent reviewers evaluate the quality of the submitted article and
propose a follow-up procedure. The article review process takes up to three months.
7. Prepared under the requirements the manuscript has to be sent to the journal through or e-mail: with the
subject of the letter: " Journal of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University», Author's Name.
Manuscripts that do not meet the requirements will be returned to the authors.
A separate document (pdf format) must be sent with a cover letter detailing each of the authors of the
article with personal signatures (see
Annex 2). This will indicate that the author has the copyright, including
permission to use it freely.