Inelastic energy loss of Ar ions scattered Al2O3 surface under grazing incidence

  • A.S. Ashirov Urgench State University
  • M.K. Qurbanov Urgench State University
  • I.U. Tangribergenov Urgench State University
  • M.K. Karimov Urgench State University
  • K.U. Otabaeva Urgench State University
Keywords: ion scattering, semichannel, computer simulation, inelastic energy loss


In this paper presents the investigation of the surface Al2Oby ion  scattering spectroscopy. The trajectory of small angle scattered ions calculated by the method of binary collision approximation.  It was found dependence of inelastic energy loss and trajectories of scattered ions. The value of inelastic energy loss scattered ions almost depend to the angle of incidence and the geometrical parameters of surface semichannels.


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AshirovA., QurbanovM., TangribergenovI., KarimovM. and OtabaevaK. 2021. Inelastic energy loss of Ar ions scattered Al2O3 surface under grazing incidence. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State. 22, 2 (May 2021), 255-259. DOI:
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